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'Healthy on the Lane' Newsletter

Finding time to be healthy, to stay motivated, to eat right and get exercise isn't easy, is it?

Join us as we chat about these things, motivate each other and talk about the fun side of being healthy! 

Hi, I am Amy, part of the team at 11 Magnolia Lane. Several years ago I found myself sidelined by a chronic illness; suddenly I was no longer "young" and stress was taking a major toll on how I felt, looked and functioned. {Read more of my health story HERE}.

I have spent the last few years rebuilding, treating my illness and teaching myself how to restore my own health {through diet, self-care and natural remedies} when traditional medicine failed me. This left me with a renewed commitment to the importance of making my health a priority. So many things pull us away from taking care of ourselves, then we wonder why we are tired, sick, stressed and unhappy!

In order to keep myself focused on continuing my own personal health quest, I decided to start a community of women (men are welcome but fair warning: the topics will be female-based!) each week this Spring I'll be exploring a different health topic--be it eating, exercise {I admit I not a huge fan!}, stress management, natural beauty, and all sorts of other topics relating to SELF-CARE--a huge buzz word that means nothing but making YOU a priority. As busy moms, wives, caregivers, cooks, employees, chauffeurs...you get it...taking care of ourselves first is so hard, but in many ways it is the key to having so much MORE in our lives. 

I hope you'll join me--of course you can unsubscribe at anytime--but I'd love for you to register to receive these weekly newsletters. Health is so important--let's all make taking care of US more of a priority this Spring!